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Ghostwriter for the thesis award

In 2019 you finally have the opportunity to get your diploma thesis written and have the diploma in your pocket so fast and stress-free. But what are the costs?

The diploma is still one of the most prestigious university degrees and is valued internationally. Most students nowadays graduate from a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but they all have in common that at the end of the study is still a thesis to write.

This is much more comprehensive than a bachelor thesis or master’s thesis in terms of time and number of pages, and thus leads to an even greater pressure on the graduates. Ghostwriting gives you professional help for this big job. The Ghostwriter team helps find a ghostwriter for the thesis, ensuring top quality at low prices.

Special requirements for a diploma thesis

Homework, term paper, bachelor thesis or even diploma thesis – in all these works, you see yourself in the study before a huge challenge, and a mountain of questions: Where do I start? How do I come up with the right strategy? Where can I find the right literature? Where is there help or at least suggestions and patterns? Basic information on how to do this can be found on the Internet, for example, in this helpful wikihow.

However, the diploma thesis differs from other works because of the special demands placed on them:

It usually has a size of up to 120 pages (+ attachment) and is written within 6 months. This work should be a scientific achievement of the student, because he has to prove that he can deal with subject-specific scientific methods, can work independently, and can derive his own results and new findings. As a first step, you can also read other diploma theses online in order to get a first impression and overview with such a pattern.

Professional ghostwriters offer help with the thesis

The biggest enemy of a student about to graduate is the time, because it runs away too fast, and the deadline is approaching inexorably. Experienced ghostwriters are the salvation, they help students to work out the research question and hypotheses, to create the outline, and to write a meaningful piece of work from the introduction to the summary to the discussion. How much support you would like to have for your thesis is entirely up to you. The professional authors of our company help with individual steps of the work or write the whole thesis for you.

With a reputable agency, you’re guaranteed to find the right ghostwriter for every degree at any university and in any subject area. It is also important to know the professional background of ghostwriters. Our authors are selected according to the strictest criteria. Each ghostwriter also has an academic degree and several years of experience in the field of ghostwriting and scientific writing. You can therefore contact our agency with any topic and any question or difficulty.

The benefits of ghostwriting for the thesis at a glance:

  • Thesis on every topic in top quality
  • Cheap, student friendly prices
  • Individual, unique work and protection against plagiarism
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Absolute secrecy and respect for privacy
  • 100% customer satisfaction as top priority
  • Top service even in the shortest time
  • Time savings and absolute freedom from stress
  • The last step: to correct the thesis

In order to give the diploma thesis the finishing touch and to ensure that it meets all formal and substantive requirements, the scientific work after the ghostwriting and before the levy has to be corrected. Among other things, it depends on the logical progress of the scientific work, the conclusive argumentation and the precise formulation of results. Immediately after your request, a ghostwriter will be sought for your diploma thesis who is familiar with your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, the topic and the requirements of your university.

This ghostwriter will do the editing, give you tips and will always be available to answer your questions. Your personal ghostwriter will also do the proofreading, spell checking and punctuation checks, and make sure the formatting meets the criteria of your department and subject. In addition, your academic work will be checked for plagiarism.

This can ensure that you cite all sources correctly in your work and that no one can allege plagiarism. Your work will eventually be completely rewritten. With your order, you will buy a new, individual, academic work of a professional author, including a personal editor for the correction of your thesis at an absolutely student-friendly price.

You give us an individual order – we do the following for you:

  • Find the right ghostwriter for your topic
  • Writing a thesis from scratch
  • Diploma thesis editing
  • Diploma thesis proofreading
  • Plagiarism check

What do you pay for a ghostwriter for the thesis?

Probably the ghostwriting as an aid in the thesis, seminar paper, housework, bachelor thesis or master’s thesis for many immediately great, but quickly raises the question of the cost, since you as a student does not have an infinite budget available. Professional and reputable agencies calculate the individual price for each

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, Diploma thesis or PhD thesis individually and transparently. You get the best offer for your thesis, namely a ghostwriter at a low cost.

Of course you also get a special service from us. What we are particularly proud of are the benefits that we can offer our clients:

  • Top quality thanks to professional ghostwriter
  • Strict data protection and absolute secrecy
  • Cheap prices for every budget
  • Protection against plagiarism
  • For the creation of an individual and unique diploma thesis the price is based on the following criteria:
  • Subject area and complexity of the topic
  • Time window or urgency (the more time the ghostwriter stays, the lower the price)
  • Number of pages (title page, bibliography, etc. are included free of charge)
  • Choice of standard, premium, or platinum package with different service offerings
  • Additional customer service and other extras such as SMS notification, 24-hour contact, etc.

Example: Cost of a Diploma Thesis of 120 Pages:

  • For those who are looking for a low price and planning something in advance (for example, 2 months), the standard package includes a professional ghostwriting job for just $ 41.20 per page.
  • The popular premium package even offers a thesis in top quality for 60,09 $ 5 days before delivery.
  • The first-class platinum package brings you top-quality even under extreme time pressure:
  • Even 4 days before submission you only pay $ 71.25 for outstanding academic work and VIP customer service.

This offer to buy the diploma thesis pays off especially for students who are still working in addition to their studies. Whether it’s a student job, full-time or part-time job, time is money, and writing the thesis costs a lot of time, and thus money that you could otherwise earn during that time.

Due to this double burden, however, some students are completely lacking the time to study the diploma thesis. It pays to set up a bill and compare your own hours and the costs of a ghostwriter. Of course, one should not forget the guarantee of a top result by the ghostwriter.

We make it our mission to find the right ghostwriter for each client. For our agency, experts work on virtually every topic and every individual task, so that we can always offer you a service that is high-quality and at the same time cheap.

Luckily, this effort is no longer necessary. You can easily buy diploma theses from us!
We offer a comprehensive ghostwriting service: our team consists exclusively of authors with academic degrees and years of practice in academic writing. There is an expert available for each subject who will take care of your diploma thesis.

Unlike some other ghostwriting agencies, each thesis is rewritten from scratch; so it is always a 100% new concept. Plagiarism never occurs.

You do not have to worry about badly copied, simply rewritten works. With the exception of the points cited as quotation, all the ideas and formulations of our diploma theses come from the hand of the commissioned expert.
In addition, we keep you up to date throughout the entire project. At the beginning, after reviewing the terms and conditions of your faculty, we make a suggestion: a thesis paper with a brief outline of the reasoning and structure of the work.

If you agree with that, the academic author starts to implement it. In a few weeks you can count on the final version, and of course you will get the current status of the diploma thesis if you wish.

So you do not have to worry about anything. We guarantee that you will receive a flawless, original diploma thesis that will get a good rating from your professor! In addition, you can trust us to keep your information secret and not share it with anyone. Even years later there is no risk that it turns out that it is a purchased diploma thesis.

You can confidently complete your diploma studies and enjoy the benefits of the title in the future! And without having to write the nerve-wracking and time-consuming thesis! Contact us today if you want to keep your diploma in hand!